Thursday, June 6, 2013

Theo Moorman Warp Threads

Seems like all I have done this past month is wind warps....

This is for the Pre-Conference class at Midwest Weavers I will be taking at the end of the month. We weren't given much notice about what yarns we needed, so I had to do some scratching in the stash. I came up with some 20/2 cotton for the tie-down ends and 8/2 for the ground ends. Hope they work.

The nice thing about a workshop, you can really explore your subject. You really aren't making a finished project, so you can forget about a threading error, and maybe a skipped thread. And sometimes I find that when I do make mistakes, I actually learn more. So here is hoping I make 'some' mistakes and learn just what this Theo Moorman Technique is really all about! Because I have never seen anyone who has done it. Well, up close and personal...that is.

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