Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day Two Midwest Weavers Conference

I am really enjoying this class. I knew nothing about this subject, but with the wonderful instructions of Nadine Sanders, the Theo Moorman Technique is starting to open the mind to wondrous thoughts. I had three 'tie down' threads break on the right side of my warp yesterday. But I will muddle along. We are making samples and learning as we go along. So I will not sweat the small stuff.
Some new words to ponder: transparent inlay effect, opaque inlay effect, saturated inlay effect.
Getting the feel of inlay work.

Using different thicknesses of threads.

Nadine Sanders likes what this student did.

Lost of fibers to choose from. This student is a pro!!
My circle turned into a vase.

Nadine has her hands full helping me get started on a triangle.

Nadine explains about cartoons.

I have my cartoon attached and have begun to weave a small project.

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Katie said...

You do know if you give an instructional class on this at Guild you're duty bound to wait until I come back to give it ;-) Please?? Or repeat?