Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day One - really!

I have arrived at the conference, and found out how to get the wifi. so I will post a little. I think this 3-day class with Nadine Sanders is going to be very interesting.

And as a footnote-- the sheets fit the bed. ;-)
Very important signs!

Name of class.

My Teacher, who also sings. See some of her wonderful creations?

Tying on with shoe laces!


heather said...

ive always wanted try the shoelace method. how did you like it? did you find it easy/save on warp waste etc??my inquiring mind wants to hear more :)

Ann said...

Yes, I think it will be much better. Lots less waste. I had heard about the shoelace method, but couldn't wrap my brain around it. But to see it demo-ed made all the difference.