Friday, May 31, 2013

Tying Up the Treadles for Fustian

I miss-counted yesterday.............. I am short 14 heddles!!!

For this draft, I do not have enough heddles on shaft four, so I will use some heddles on shaft five to take up the slack. I have 166 heddles on shaft four right now, but I need 180 for this project. So there are 14 heddles  I am short on shaft four. I will get them from shaft five. (or any of the other shafts I am not using for this project)

To begin, I will thread those highlighted in yellow onto heddles that are on shaft five on the first repeat. The next repeat I will just read the draft as usual. Then when I get to the other side when I have run out of heddles on shaft four, I will go back to shaft five and use the seven heddles from that shaft.

Then when I tie everything to the treadles, I just tie shafts four and five together as if they were the same. Which they are!


I am threading Front to Back. But this will work the other way too. Just remember what two shafts you might need to combine together.

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heather said...

ahhh now i see :) thank you makes perfect sense to me now :)