Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Overshot - One potato, Two potato

There really aren't any potatoes.... just one shuttle, and then two shuttles.

There seems to be a lot a person could do with this overshot threading. I find that by 'messing around' with the treadling and weft choices, you can get even more different looks. I love to put on a long warp and get several different looks.

Using the two colors - blue and sparkle - I put a strip between the one shuttle blue parts. So I used one shuttle to start and used only blue, then I switched to blue and sparkle with two shuttles, then back to one shuttle with the blue. Clear as mud?

 You may want to click to enlarge this second photo to be able to see the sparkle.... I got it at Huntingdon Yarn Mill. It's pretty cool stuff. It was #14516 (I think).

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love it, and yes, your description does make sense :)