Monday, May 20, 2013

Back To Overshot or Twill

OK, let me get back to my overshot warp for a while. Here is a shot of the heddles that pretty much shows I am using two sets of four shafts......

Now I could have gone on-and-on a few more yards with this side by side overshot, but "noooo". I keep making pick error's that keep showing up after I have advanced the warp a foot or so. (whining inserted here)

So I am weaving in twill fashion with one shuttle. If you remember, shafts 5 & 6 are tabby for one set of shafts and 11 & 12 are tabby for the other shafts, you will see how I am doing that..... by stepping on these treadles:
I think this is twill now, instead of overshot. It goes pretty quick and the edges are pretty good too because each pick also has plain weave in it.

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