Friday, April 20, 2012

Math Class

Before I begin my next project, I need to do a little math. I have entered the draft into my computer weaving software and it tell me how many heddles I need on each shaft. The loom I will be using needs to have the heddles be balanced to work correctly. So, I do a little math to make this easier.

I have counted the heddles on each shaft and posted it on the wall in my weaving/computer room. That way I have counted once and don't need to do that again, unless I have shifted heddles. Then I just count again and post that. Now, here is where the math come in.....

I take the number of heddles on shaft 1 on my loom and subtract the heddles needed for the project.
example: 153 - 66 = 87
I have 87 heddles I will not need, so I need to divide and put half on each side on the heddle bar. So I only need to count 43.5 heddles on one side. (either add an extra heddle or one less when you have an uneven number). I repeat this for each shaft.
1. heddles on loom_____
2. minus heddles needed____
3. divide this number by two____
4. gives you the number of heddles to push out of the way (on each side)

Now I am ready to thread the heddles from the right or left side.... which ever side you have done your counting on. When I thread the heddles on my Baby Wolf, I thread sitting at the front of the loom and thread from right to left.

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