Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gold/Purple Warp Nearing the Other Edge

I was able to get back to the Gold/Purple warp. It's center part is done (57 inches) and now I will work on the color work on the other edge. Here is where my ruler will be the main star. Who knew that all this math would come in handy when you were sitting in 4th grade math class??? I will need to match the color order from the other edge.


bindoff2 said...

Ann, missed you last night. I was anxious to learn more about the purple/gold project and where you found the pattern. Marty's jacket was a highlight last night, and Janice gave a great program. Hope to see you soon.

Ann said...

I will tell all about the purple/gold project when I get it 'sew-ed' up. It is based on a draft in Handwoven, but of course I tweeked it.