Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I have another weaving guild I attend that meets in Cabool, MO. Some of the weavers drive two or three hours to get there. Yesterday we had a great group of 12 weavers who were very interested in the program given by Gayle. Gayle  has given several classes on twinning over the last few years and shared her expertise with us.

Gayle explains twinning to the group while Jan demonstrates on her placemat size loom.
Notice the large loom behind Gayle, it will makes a nice size rug.

Using a small loom (made by Gayle's husband, Larry) you get a hotpad.


Katie explains how she wove this wonderful blanket.

Vicki passes around her silk scarf.

Bo is explaining the fibers and weave structure of her scarf.

Barbara has been making baskets, knitting socks, weaving honeycomb and overshot.

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