Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lap Robe with Pillows

This is the Monk's Belt lap robe with matching pillows that I plan go giving to someone special on her birthday. I am very pleased with the pillows and lap robe. The small pillow I didn't stuff very full as I think she may want that one behind her head when she 'might' take that nap.

As several of my weaving friends know, I have always made fun of Monk's Belt as a boring weave. To me it was that red and black checkerboard coverlet that I saw in one of the coverlet books. Working on this project made me realize that it was not just that. Sometimes you get in your mind what something looks like, and then you 'sample' and find that the weave you saw in a book can be so much more if you go outside the box. When I wove the small pillow on that threading, who knew it would so interesting. And changing the way I did weave the two blocks together in the lap robe and big pillow was a fun exercise too.

The moral to this story..... sample, you might find something exciting happening you didn't expect.

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