Thursday, March 22, 2012

Springfield Fiber Artists

Went to a meeting of the Springfield Fiber Artists last night. The meeting was at the Library Center in Springfield, MO. This is a great group of people who do all things fiber! Just a few of the interests of the group include drop spindle spinning, felting, quilting, knitting, crocheting, basket making, jewelry, weaving, spinning wheels and paper crafts.

Marty Corcoran gave the program on "Color Interactions and Weaving". Using color gamps, she explained how color and weave structures interplay in the woven cloth. Finding the right combination of colors takes a little research and maybe a color wheel. Unless you are one of those with a good color sense, making color wraps might be helpful to find your color pallet and proportions of the colors you are wanting to use. After you have found your color pallet and weave structure for you project you will want to sample, sample, sample!

Marty Corcoran.

Using a wool color gamp she wove, she explains the proportions to use when making a gamp.

Showing how to use your color wheel to help pick you color pallet.

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Andrea said...

Where can I find more about this Springfield group?