Thursday, March 10, 2016

More Woven Shibori

I now have my 3 yards of woven shibori pulled and ready for the dye. I am still thinking it might be what I need on that bathroom window. But that will have to wait a while.

So now, I have lashed back on and will try my hand at starting and stopping the resist threads. Remember, where I will not have any resist pattern, my base plain weave cloth will be a solid  color.

Here you can see that I have three shuttles going. One for the plain weave base and two with resist threads. You do not have to weave that resist thread from selvage to salvage!You can go part way to the center then back, you can go in and out any where your resist pattern will let you. You may have to cut your resist thread here and there, but that is OK. Just remember to leave a little loop or long tail to grab to help pull the resist threads later.

You could also just lay in your resist thread instead of using a shuttle.

Yes, this is slow and there may be a faster, better way than I am doing. So think out side the box and weave on!

Remember, where there is only white plain weave it will be a solid color. Your goal is to have the dye be resisted in certain areas. Using a twill treadling or overshot treadling helps you get that pattern onto your plain weave base cloth. (Of course your base cloth could be twill but that is another long story!)

Another thing I have done is to tie some of the resist threads into their knots while still on the loom. The distance is so short, that I think this will help me later when this is off the loom and I am pulling those resist threads.

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Elizabeth Taylor said...

Great idea to weave the resist threads into the fabric. You get the areas exact that way. Look forward to seeing the dyed up fabric & what you make it into.