Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"X" is for David Xenakis

"X" is for David Xenakis

Back in the 80's there was this really great weaving magazine called "The Prairie Wool Companion." The editor was David Xenakis. A wonderful resource. He favored rigid heddle looms, but the magazine also showcased 4-8-12 and more shaft looms.

So if you wanted to weave, didn't have a lot of money or room for a large loom, you could still create great things. Then when that magazine left the scene, the magazine "Weaver's" came to be and he was the contributing editor for it. He even put out a monograph on rigid heddle weaving. Neither one of the magazines companies are still around, but if you can find them in your local guilds, through Complex Weavers, or even HGA you need to check them out.

They didn't just do one page of info and one page of photos, they explained and helped you understand what you were doing. They wanted you as a weaver to explore and maybe even learn something.

Prairie Wool Companion.3 early issues. Pre-cursor to Weaver's magazine.  Great reference for fiber, spinning, weaving and dyeing techniques

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