Friday, November 13, 2015


We, just in the past few days, lost our two Dogwood trees. One was a white Dogwood the other a pink Dogwood. They were very old. So when I found this bit of weaving and this frame, I knew I could 'replace' my old trees.

This was my exploration of summer and winter and the different background you can achieve by just changing the order of your tie-down threads.

I will remember the pink and white blooms in the spring and the green leaves in the summer. And I will remember the white snow on the bare limbs on those quite winter mornings.

3 comments: said...

Wonderful pattern! So tender and beautiful. It would be a great accessory for nursery.

Ann said...

I gave it to my friend for her new weaving studio.

Anonymous said...

welch schöne weise..die bäume zu würdigen ...danke