Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter Color

I am still pulling the threads through the heddles for the snowflake table runner in the loom room on the Macomber. It will be white on white. But, since there is all this SNOW...... I had to go get some color.

This is a painted warp I have had around for a while. It is 10/2 Tencel. I am using a very soft pale green silk as the weft and a 140/2 silk as tabby with this summer and winter draft. Both cones of weft and tabby were garage sale items so I only have the words on the cones to go by. I know they both are silk, but don't know the size of the pale green. But it seems to be about like an 8/2 bamboo size.

So I will keep threading the white snowflake threads while going to the Baby Wolf when I need a shot of color.

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