Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Project - Advancing Twill

I have never tried to weave a snowflake draft (advancing twill). I was wanting something to weave for my long kitchen table, to use some 8/2 cotton, and weave white on white. This project just might fit the bill. I found the draft in the Nov/Dec 2012 Handwoven magazine. The article is by Lyn Lucas and seems to be very straight forward and understandable. Or at least to "my" little gray cells.

I have just started winding my warp. Here I am showing you how I count on my warping board. When I get 50 ends, I snug them with a looper. This is showing I have 100 ends wound. A group of 50 ends and the other five groups spaced out.  (I am not at the beginning where my cross is, but at the end peg.) I learned this little trick from Jeff the Warpped Weaver!

Oh, and here is the photo in the magazine. I am going to use 8/2 cotton in warp and weft. No sparkling, just using up this 7 lb pound cone of 8/2 cotton I bought last year. I have a couple of other project going, so this may be a 'slow cloth' kind of project, or I might just get in gear and finish next week. Who knows? I weave just for fun!


Vlaďka Cepáková said...

I look forward to your new handwoven. It seems very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Counting that way is so much easier to me, hope you like it too.