Sunday, February 22, 2015

Painted Warp Scarf

This scarf I have just finished has been a very interesting adventure. First I wound the warp for a dye party. I didn't know how many ends I would need, so just wound 140 of 10/2 tencel. As this was the last warp I had to dye, I ran around to the others stations and used the dye colors that everyone else was using. It was a hit and miss kind of dye job. So the colors you see are the ones we all used at the dye party that day.

Next I wanted to work with a summer and winter draft to see how a painted warp would work with summer and winter, but ended up with a double two-tie draft instead. That is where instead of using just one shaft for the pattern shaft, I have used two different shafts. In summer and winter it is always 1 -X , 2-X... with X being the same shaft. In double two-tie you still have the tie downs on shafts 1 & 2, but your pattern shafts can be the same and different through out the draft.. 
Such as 1-4-2-8. 

As you can see here, I have the first unit as 1-3-2-4, the next unit is 1-5-2-6, the next unit is 1-5-2-6, ans the last unit is 1-6-2-7, (the 1-7 on the end is part of the next unit). The splitting of the pattern shafts is why it is called double two-tie.

So I developed my draft and sure enough, I needed more ends. I went to my stash and found some bamboo and added it to the edges. My pattern weft and tabby threads were silks I also had in my stash. 

I think this double two-tie draft does show off the painted warp. And the silk makes the drape yummy! This is going to a high school friend who likes color. 

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