Thursday, April 3, 2014

Weaving Guild Show and Tell, part two!

Another great Diva guild meeting. Here are more of the exciting things that we are doing.
Janice is working in tapestry with curves and buttons! Janice will have some of her felted creations on display at an exhibition in Jefferson City, Missouri April 30th, at the state capital building. Way to go Janice!!!!!!

Kathy working with some wool she got from Scotland.

Kayla and her "Logan" tartan!!!!!!!!

Kayla with some twill gamp inspired kitchen towels.

Missy and a "new to her" book for her library. She says it is going to be very helpful.
Tomi in her huck lace top (with bling threads) and a thrumbs pillow.

Susan is published! She knitted the Camellia Dolma Cape for this new book by Brooke Nico and her knitted cape made the front cover shot! Susan said it was great fun to knit a garment designed by this artist. This should be a in stores now or in the very near future.

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