Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Book Review Part Two

The next two books I am going to tell you about are ones that I have borrowed. The title of the first on is "Weaver's Delight". It is just that, a delight for the eyes and my little brain cells. There are examples of double-face weave, twill, Drall (I know that isn't spelled right-I don't know where that "a" is on this computer-sorry), opphamta (again I need to find that "a")... tapestry, and more! This book alone could be worth studying for a couple of years or three. Very well written.

This next book "Swedish Swatches -yellow, blue, red, and green series in color photos" got me thinking about ordering some yarns. I want to make the curtain fabric, the drapery fabric, the evening jacket fabric. Doubleweave and twill! Rep weave and twill! Basket weave with warp floats! Broken twill in two blocks! The list goes on and on. Not a lot of mumbo-jumbo just right to the drafts and color photos.... An excellent book if you are a cookbook weaver, but enough information to follow along but add your own colors and yarns.

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