Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Return of the Diva

Weaving Divas meet. We were all thrilled we didn't have to slide through snow to attend. Sunshine and doughnuts were all around.

Nothing like a great program to get the weaving brain cells working. Carols program was on Advancing Twill. And by the time she was through, I think we all had a good understanding of the concept. Thanks, Carol!


This sample has two different threading, note the line between the two threadings

Carols Advancing Twill tencel scarf.

Another one of Carol's Advancing Twill tencel scarf.

Just a few of the show and tell items. More tomorrow. As always, click on a photo to get a closer view.
Kumihimo bead work from Rossanna

Linda, her first 100% Tencel scarf. She dyed the warp herself.



Kankuritar said...

Oh, how wonderful and beautiful weavings.
I wish you a pleasant spring

Ann said...

Thanks, I am always blown away at the great things that are brought to show and tell.

Happy Spring to you too! Hope it's wonderful!