Thursday, February 13, 2014

Swedish Lace Bathmat

Ta Da! Finished.

It's still a bit damp and I need to clip some stray ends, but it is finished. The "before washing" size was 17" X 44", and the "after washing in the washing machine with blue jeans is 15" X 36 1/2".

Some things I could have done differently.........Put a pink strip to start than the blue. That would have looked better. I should have ordered more warp yarn when I found out how narrow it was going to be. I knew it was going to shrink in quite a bit. But all in all, it is a nice design. I may try this again some day.

Setting up the loom in Swedish lace went pretty quickly. This draft would work up into some nice kitchen towels using 8/2 cotton...(maybe). Anyway, something to keep on the back burner and let it simmer.

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