Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Project - A Kit

I found a "kit" that I had purchased a while back and thought I would give it a go. Of course, right of the bat it told me to measure a 1.75 yard warp and not a 2 yard warp or I wouldn't have enough yarn. Who ever does a 1.75 yard warp? So I found some same size, different color, in my stash and wound the required 159 ends.

The next thing I did was enter the draft into my weaving software so I would know how many heddles I needed on which shaft. I found out that I need two more threads than the kit calls for. Humm.

It's called a "Bronson Lace" draft. Well, as you know I will have to research that and see if it really is "Bronson Lace" or not. But for now, here is through the reed.


Anonymous said...

Interesting discoveries concerning your kit, mind sharing who the kit is made by? You are smart to check out the draft before beginning, so far I am betting it will save you some heart ache. I would be curious to know why the 1.75 warp length, is the warp silk or something very expensive they were hoping to save on costs? Curious.

Helen Hart said...

Very interesting comments Thistle Rose Weaving. I am interested in the fiber content, size? Maybe supposed to be a scarf? Thanks for your neat blog.

Ann said...

I am not sure why the 1.75 warp. The finished size is to be 16"x 22.75". (It's 20" in the reed.)

Maybe they were doing the size for the small width a Baby Wolf can handle???