Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Summer and Winter Workshop in Arrow Rock

Having a great time sharing the secrets of summer and winter (single two-tie) with some great weavers up here in Arrow Rock, Missouri. A very charming town with lots of history. Here is the building we are holding the workshop in:
Just a small peak at what some of them have been up to. These two are showing some of the effects that can be achieved on just four shafts. Of the 10 students, 5 are using four shaft looms and 5 are using eight shaft looms. Some of them will be cutting off today, so I hope to get some photos of their works.

They just kept weaving and weaving and would hardly stop for lunch!

Jeff and Melissa are holding up a king sized summer and winter coverlet that Jeff wove. I believe Jeff said he wove it last year, about this time, during one of the snow storms that was so bad. Can you say: AWESOME?

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