Friday, August 16, 2013

Surprise, I am back.

Surprise, I am back. And yes, these flowers are in my yard and me and my mom call them 'surprise lilies'.

And just so you know, I do have a few other interesting things in my yard.... Poke and Roses. Maybe not in the same area, but anything I can grow is a big deal to me. LOL

I like to take photo's that will help me later when I need some color ideas. Nothing like Mother Nature to combine the perfect colors.


Anonymous said...


I hope you had a wonderful vacation and could relax a bit?
The photo´s you took are lovely! I know some quilters who use pictures like the last one to plan new projects... interesting to hear that about a weaver as well :D

Great to have you back, I love your blog so much, and I hope you don´t mind someone like me, without an account, to pester you in the comments? >_<

Have a nice day!

Marion (from Germany)

Ann said...

Thanks for your kind words. I love getting comments, so keep it up.