Sunday, August 18, 2013


Now that I am back into the rhythm of getting to weave a little each day, I am zooming along. (Well, for me.) Check out  the front , the back, and the progress..... I see pine trees when I look at the pattern. Think of mountains and snow and a cup of hot coffee with cream. Of course my mountains in Missouri are really just hills, but I can squint and pretend.


Helen Hart said...

Hi I am from Cheyenne, WY and we have the Rockies near us. May I ask the pattern, fibers used, sett, and no I am not going to copy you. Oh, and what will this beautifully woven piece be?

Ann said...

My draft came from a class I took at John C Campbell Folk School (but I think it's a dornick twill) I am using 8/2 cotton warp and 10/2 linen weft. It is sett at 20 epi. I am just weaving yardage. Maybe some reenactment people will make some clothing out of it. (Rev. war or Civil war). I will send it to my friend at the Blackwater Fiber Arts Gallery... (google to get her web sight)

I have never seen your mountains, but I have seen mountains that are between me and the East Coast. So I know my Missouri Ozark Mountains are really just hills ;-)

Thanks for your questions.