Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More Tips

While I weave a simple treadling, my mind wonders.

I may be teaching a beginning weaving class later this week, so I have been thinking about some of the tips I might share that have made weaving a bit easier for me.

Using a tape that shows inches, I center this on the loom on the shuttle race. It helps me get my work centered. You loom needs to be balanced to work correctly. This tip came from Dawn S. I found this tape in the sewing department.
Now this little 'gismo' is from the bathroom area of a store. It hooks on the tray on top of my big loom. If you are using several shuttles, it is a handy place to keep those you will need soon, out of the way. This tip came from Marilynn M.

Here it is up close. I am not using this on this green linen/cotton project, but thought it was a nice tip to know.


Marietta Walker said...

Hi Ann,

I stopped by the Blackwater Fiber Arts Gallery ( http://blackwaterfiberartsgallery.com/ )last week and let me just say: WOW! It was a wonderful surprise and I am in LOVE. I can't wait to go back and buy more fiber goodies. Not to mention we were treated like royalty! Your blog was recommended and here I am! I will be following your blog and learning all I can. I am brand new at this weaving art and I love it!

Marietta in MO

Ann said...

Yes, I love her shop too. Maybe you could come to one of her weaving classes. I will be having another class in October. Or, just come to 'smell the fiber' !