Friday, April 26, 2013

Remembrance Continues....

Now that I have my facts, sort of, figured out of where I got this motif....

for this overshot on eight shafts and twelve treadles, I am weaving one motif on the first four shafts in star fashion and those threads on the second four shafts in rose fashion. I am stepping on two treadles at a time to get my pattern.

First pick, Brown is first to be thrown.
When I do this, I want to keep my shuttles in order so I automatically pick up the next one. Because when I am ready for a new treadling repeat, I switch the order I throw the shuttles.  Here is my way of keeping that in order. (after I finish this pattern repeat, I will switch and have the nave go first)

next throw ,Gold goes in the same shed as the brown.
 The reason I am using three shuttles, is that I didn't want to wind the brown and gold on one bobbin..

Next pick,
Now I throw the Navy.

Now I am back to picking up the Brown...until it is time to change the color order.... but gold will always follow the brown, because I think of them as 'one' thread.


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