Monday, April 15, 2013

Overshot Re-visited

This is the overshot fun that I am wanting to re-visit. I have been thinking of different colors and how when you cross two colors you get a third. Sometimes you never know, in weaving anyway, what you get. You can do wraps and see side by side colors, but you won't know for sure until they are woven what you might get. The weave structure and sett and other things will also contribute to the overall effect. So let me say the magic word: SAMPLE.  (But I 'think' I am going for shades in the red zone.)


Loomynatic said...

Very beautiful. How many harnesses are need to weave that pattern?

Ann said...

You will need only eight shafts to do this. The real trick is you need 12 treadles.

Loomynatic said...

Thank you, Ann. I have no idea how did you do that, but I hope that someday I will weave something beautiful like your fabric.