Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Will The Real Weaver Rose, Please Stand Up!

As you know, if you have been following me..... I am weaving some of the drafts from the book The Weaving Roses of Rhode Island. I picked out a draft he calls "Ladey Washington" to experiment on. I think I like what I have so far, but didn't want you to think that I am weaving it "as drawn-in". My friend, Becky, wanted to know why I wasn't weaving it that way....(it is nice).......  I just like to weave overshot in different and unexpected ways. And who knows, I may do a little of that on this 10 yard warp ( that is much shorter now because I had to sample!).

Here is what it looks like "as drawn-in " per Weaver Rose

Here is what I am doing....... per Ann


Anonymous said...

I much prefer your version to be honest - it looks more 'modern' :)

Anonymous said...

The original is very lovely. Your version is interesting and looks modern.

Loomynatic said...

I like the original pattern, but I love your version.

Ann said...

Thinks! You'all make me smile!!