Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Computer Work

Still working on the Weaving Diva program I am to give in March. My weaving software, WeaveIt Pro, is sure making this easier to do than making draw downs with pencil and graph paper.

Most of the guild members have woven traditional overshot, so taking a familiar subject and putting a 'new to you' spin on it should be fun. I love messing around with overshot!


heather said...

i often look at this program and consider buying it.then two things happen. I end up buying yarn instead, then i tell myself that i have more patterns in my library than i could ever weave...but honestly,there will never be enough yarn or patterns to suit me,so maybe i should just take the plunge...

Ann said...

If you enjoy making your own drafts, a computer program is wonderful. But if you don't....there are lots of wonderful drafts out there you can make your own.
I enjoy tweeking drafts as well as dreaming them up, so I use my program a lot.