Friday, January 18, 2013

Weaver Rose and Ladey Washigton

I am thinking that this might be the way to go with this draft. I will use one color when I tread on treadles one and two and the other color when I tread on treadles three and four. And for the tabbies, I will use the same as the warp.
Some of the treadling repeats are a bit long, so will have to wait and see how it goes when I actually weave it.

I have thought that Weaver Rose was spelling 'lady' (girl) but maybe he was calling this 'lad-y' (small boy)???? I just know that the only two colors I have to use is red and blue with this white warp. Any other colors and I will have to order. Maybe I should quit thinking and finish winding the warp!

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