Sunday, January 13, 2013

Getting Ready for Another One

Weaver Rose continues...............

Here is the draft I am going to do next. I have taped two of the drafts side by side so I can see what the center seam will look like. If all goes well, maybe I will have a lap robe.

I don't have enough heddles on my first four shafts, so I will need to work on that. I can't decide if I want to shift the heddles, or since I have an eight shaft loom, just use the heddles on the other shafts.

I need 33 extra heddles on shaft one. So I can 'pretend' and use 33 from shaft five and then when I do my tie-up, I will tie shafts one and five as if they were shaft one. But shaft two need some too, so I may just move the heddles onto shafts one and two. May be less confusing. But moving heddles isn't one of my favorite things.

There is a lot of thinking and preparing before I can begin winding a warp. Maybe tomorrow I can get that started. The winding..... not the thinking! I hope to finish thinking today!!


heather said...

cant wait to see the next one!this post made me laugh. i have the same debates with myself... i usually win ;)

Connie Peterson said...

I am drooling! I found the book "Weaving Roses of Rhode Island" and "need" it! Can't afford it, of course. Where did you find all your patterns? From Davison's book or do you have a Weaver Rose book? Inquiring weavers need to know! (And I love the work you are doing on YOUR Weaver Rose patterns! Love the red one!)

Connie Peterson said...

PS ... I'm putting a link for your blog on my blog. Hope you don't mind.

Ann said...

Yes, the drafts are in that book. Of course some of them I 'tweeked'. It's a very interesting book. If you belong to a guild, try to get them to buy it.

Thanks for putting me on your blog!

heather said...

you always have great drafts printed out. do you have weaving software? if so which one?i have looked at some but have found them to be so expensive. i would be interested to hear what you think of yours.

Ann said...

I use WeaveIt Pro. I like it. If you do your own drafts the weaving software programs are very-very helpful.
You can check out free samples at and go to her link page.
I haven't used any others, so don't know about them. They all have different features. I picked this one because it did name drafting and blending drafts.