Saturday, January 26, 2013

Anyone for Left-over Socks?

Look what I found!!

I cannot believe I haven't finished these. I usually knit on socks while I am in a waiting room somewhere, but the last couple of months have been waiting-room free. A very good thing!! Good for me and my family members, not so good for my sock knitting.

I will put these on the back burner and continue with my MidWest Weavers knitting project. I am a little over half done with that project. I will unveil it in June.

So the socks will be waiting in the wings for when I need to do some sock knitting. Sometimes you just need to knit on socks!  And besides you never know when you will be stuck in a traffic jam on Highway 63 in rural Missouri. 

One time we waited about thirty minutes while they cleaned up a truck that had overturned that was carrying cows!! I got some quality knitting done that time because I had socks on the  needles!! Good for me, bad for the cows.

(I continue to thread the heddles on Ladey Washington!!)

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