Monday, February 20, 2012


When I thread the heddles, I do not use a threading hook. I just fold over a loop and stick it through. I do this no matter if I thread from the front or the back.

When threading the Baby Wolf, I will put a stick under the shafts to raise them. This lifts the shafts up so I can be more comfortable while threading the heddles.

I have used an old wooden ski shuttle to raise the shafts.

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Kayleigh Garner said...

I'm still fairly new to weaving (been doing it for just over a year), but I have to say that after watching some youtube videos on sleying the reed and threading heddles, I quartered the time it took me to do the threading my using a hook, as I could hold several strands at a time, and hook them through the reed or heddles one after the other, and then pull the lot through - you should give it a try :)