Saturday, February 4, 2012

Push Play

Now, back to the bookmarks. I am going to try to explain how I do my hemstitching.

Leaving a length of your thread at least three times the width of your bookmark, start weaving from the right side and weave four or five picks in plain weave. Now, take the lenght of thread and thread it with a blunt end needle. I take the thread into the web area around three threads and in two rows.

Then then I take the needle into the fringe area, under three.

Then back into the web area, under three. (You are sharing the hole from when your needle was there last.)

I continue in this way. I am hemstitching over two rows and around three ends. When I get to the end, I weave the tail into the web.

Try to think of the unwoven and woven areas you have on the loom as the whole body of a teddy bear. The fringe as the leg area and the woven area as her head.  When starting I will go into the head area two rows deep and go around three ends, then I will go to the legs area and go around three ends, then back to the head and around three ends.

On one side will be a twill line, the other will be littel circles. And sometimes a little hole will even show up to add to the effect. Depends on the fibers I am using on if the holes show.

Hemstitch front showing twill line

Hemstitching on back showing the little circles and if you click to enlarge you can see the small holes.

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