Sunday, July 10, 2016

Woven Shibori Show and Tell part 3

Here is the rest of our show and tell from the dye workshop we held in June. Gosh, I was really impressed with the textiles and color ways. I think I have given some of them a bite to continue weaving more using the Woven Shibori technique.

Marilynn dyed some warp chains.

Scarves woven by Marilynn. She had twill as her base cloth. Click and enlarge to see detail. Awesome!

Tomi had woven towels. Great color combinations. 

Tomi also dyed silk scarves.

This is from Tomi. I just love the soft look of this. 

Tomi and her scarf.
I am pretty sure that Marty did this.

Marty didn't want to take out the pleats so this is her 'crimp cloth'. 

Marty and her yardage she is planning on turning into a shawl. 

Rossanna not only wove and dyed this great scarf, she then used her braiding technique  Kumihimo to make a necklace to match!!!!

Rossanna dyed some warp chains too.

Rossanna is show her 'practice' piece. We all love the look of the indigo pot.

Two more kimihimo necklaces from Rossanna

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