Monday, July 11, 2016

Inkle Loom Fun

I am still playing around with my inkle loom. I have a monograph I found in my personal library that has been a lot of fun to explore. "Handwoven Decorative Trim, An introduction to weaving passementerie trims" by Robyn Spady.  This monograph is an excellent place to explore decorative trims. If you don't have an inkle loom, any loom with two shafts will work.

One warp but using two wefts. Both wefts are white to blend into the edge color. 
This monograph introduces weaving with one warp and two, three, and four pattern wefts. She shows a great way to weave looped and cut fringe. There is even some information on adding beads. A great resource if you can find it.
Another example of one warp and two wefts. 

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