Monday, July 27, 2015

Sampling Single Two-Tie

Sampling single two-tie (known as summer and winter in some circles).

I have some S&W Polychrome and Taquete going on here. I am limited on my colors as I am just using from my stash! I plan on messing around with this for a while..... It is a long warp.


Diane in Oregon said...

Hi Ann - are there any references you especially recommend for S&W? I'm interested in exploring it one of these days. I recently got the "Best of Weavers S&W", but am always looking for other source material.


Ann said...

Yes, I have some great books. 'Summer and Winter and other two-tie unit weaves... By Harriet Tidball. 'Double Two-tie Unit Weaves' by Clotilde Barrett and Eunice Smith. If you have access to the older Handwovens they are a good source. If you are a member of Complex Weavers you can find other books and resources in their library. Maybe even join the Two-tie study group. This is one of those weave structures where you can put on a very long warp and just change the tie-up or treadling and have many-many different looks. Have fun with it!