Tuesday, July 14, 2015

And So It Begins

Yes, so it begins. ( a bit slowly, but going I am!)

I have 10 yards on this warp and will be playing around with single-two tie (summer and winter), S&W Polychrome and Taquete. Right now I am trying for a delicate pattern using 20/2 for the pattern weft and 30/2 for the tabby. The warp is 12/2. This is traditional summer and winter using the 1-2-2-1 tie-downs. I just love the little "O's"! But if you turn it over you get the "X's".

It is all about what "you" want sometimes and not what the traditionalists say. If you want to use 5/2 for pattern and 8/2 for tabby on a 10/2 warp... go for it! If you want to square your blocks...go for it! If you want an elongated look...go for it! In other words...Have Fun!!! Playing around is how we learn.

12/2 warp, 20/2 pattern, 30/2 tabby.

For the first few rows of sampling I tried a thicker weft using 20/2  doubled, but I want a more delicate look, so I will use 20/2 singled.

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Lovely, simply lovely.