Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Purple Snow

I am sure you have heard or talked about different colors of snow.... well..... I have one long (100 inches) snowflake table runner and I am calling it Purple Snow!

My table is 72 inches long, so I will have a nice drape over on the long end edges. The table is 28 inches wide but the runner is only 20 inches wide. So it isn't a table cloth, but more of a long table runner.

I am working on a couple of towels at the end of this warp.... I have one almost done and will see if I can squeeze out another.


Anonymous said...

Purple snow, purple snow....

Lovely! I also adore your shuttle, is it made from cherry?

Ann said...

Yes. it is one that Halcyon sold a couple of years ago during one of their anniversaries. I wish I had bought two!