Sunday, March 8, 2015

Inspiration and My Stash

Sometimes we weave on our looms and sometimes we weave in our heads. I have been working on a weaving program for my local guild and I have been thinking!!! We all think we will use up our stash, but when we get ready to do a new project we usually just order what we want. Well, several of us do! So finding my color inspirations and them going to the stash I have these waiting in the wings!!

Here are some drafts and their inspirations that I have been 'thinking' about:

I saw this inspiration in a catalog. I liked the colors but didn't want to do their draft. This would make a great table runner.

I have had this cup laying around just waiting for something to do with it. I just love the stripes. Kitchen towels come to mind when I see the strips on the cup.

This inspiration came from some scrapbooking paper. It will be great with this summer and winter draft for a baby blanket. I may or may not add black. 

Who knew that facial tissue boxes could inspire a color way? I couldn't figure out how to get three browns from my computer program..... but I understand which is which color. (smile) I am thinking kitchen towels, or maybe a thanksgiving table runner......or using very tiny threads for jacket fabric. 


Anonymous said...

I'm new here and fairly new to weaving. So far, I'm trying to use what yarn and thread I have on hand, since I'm mostly just trying things out anyway. Your ideas for inspiration are, well, inspiring!

Ann said...

Just keep an eye on those magazines, greeting cards, and waiting room carpets and you will have a great place to start to find you some color palates too.

grahamcrackerzz said...

Just the teacher in me... I think you mean stripes, not strips? Love your weaving. Always inspires me.

Ann said...

LOL, If I could spell my family wouldn't know who I was. All help appreciated.

Katie said...

Nice, Ann. We should all look for inspiration in all the wrong places!