Monday, December 1, 2014

More Winding and Loopers

This shot from the "loom room" window tells it all! It's cold and rainy and icy!!! But a good day to wind a warp.

This is where I wind my warps. As you can see, when I first started...not so long ago...I had to remember where my cross should be. And since the board is attached to the wall, I can pin important info there. 

I am using nylon loopers as my choke ties. The cotton loopers make great rugs and pot holders, but not very good choke ties. These nylon ones don't slip and they are easy to remove as I am winding on the warp. 

This is a warp for a set of towels. The weave structure will be summer and winter. Well, maybe. I may change my mind about that once I decide to put this warp on the loom. ;-)

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