Monday, December 1, 2014

Repeat -- Hemstitching 101 - Ann's Version

I like to hemstitch the edges of scarves. This is the edge of this woven shibori crackle experiment. I like the little holes I get. I am weaving with 10/2 Tencel, 24 epi.

Here is my version of hemstitching.
I do the same on both edges. The only difference is that on the ending edge, I will go into the fringe area first, then the web. Here I will show you the beginning edge. I start in the web, up two rows, around three threads, then down two rows (into the fringe area) around three.

When I start , I will leave a tail 4 times the width of the warp.

I will take the needle behind, two rows into the web, around three threads.

Now I will always keep my needle on the top of the warp. I will go below the fell line and go around three.

I now go up two rows, around three threads. I am always going in the same direction.

Back to below the fell line, around three. I am always pulling tight to get a small hole.

When I get to the other side, I will weave the tail into the web and clip it off.

This is what the back side looks like.

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Anonymous said...

That's a really, really good way to do it! Thanks for sharing your method - I will give it a go :)