Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Overshot Program at Cabool in October

Katie shares some tips and tricks that work for her and
could help us get that warp on with less errors.
You would think that just having show and tell and listening to the highlights and lowlights of our woven items would be enough of a program. But we most always have a formal program too! And this was a program near and dear to most of us. Katie shared with us how she goes about getting ready and then weaving Overshot. Lots of great tips and ways to help get your warp on the loom. Then Becky gave the one-two punch with a live and in person demo of --weaving 'tromp as writ', 'weaving on the diagonal', 'weaving as drawn in' .

Becky is weaving without any written treadling. She just reads her threading! 

Becky brought some awesome samples.

Becky and Katie are helping Vicki weave "tromp as writ" or "on the diagional" or "weaving as drawn in".  Anyway you say it, it's the weave structure we all fell in love with: Overshot.

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Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Fantastic overshot samples!