Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Weavers Meeting

Yes, more show and tell from yesterday. Take your time and enjoy!!
Katie wove two panels to make this awesome blanket.

Close up of Katie's blanket.

Katie chose to do some shadow weave on these towels.

Larry did a repair on a shuttle. It's good to have a woodworker/weaver in the group.

Becky was working on pulling her resist threads on her woven shibori.

Bo wove this blanket in plain weave using a two color weft yarn. The dark brown is the warp. Almost looks like twill-doesn't it?

Dawn had a jacket made from a piece of cotton denim. She dyed it light orange then  put on a few resist pieces of wood on and over dyed a darker orange. She is also showing us some yardage in 2/2 twill. She dyed the wool, then spun it and then wove it. I would say that is from hoof to 'almost' coat. "Almost" until it is cut and turned into the jacket she will make it into. I think she said she is waiting for her mom to come visit to help with that part of her project.

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