Thursday, May 15, 2014

Complex Weavers Study Group

I have been a busy beaver. Well, not weaving but reading and doing paperwork. I needed to get my samples and write-up together and mailed off for one of my Complex Weavers study groups. So I put my nose to the grindstone, ah... maybe the computer.... and mailed off my samples today to 'Samples the Old Fashioned Way Study Group'. I like this study group because we work on just about anything we want then share our explorations. The past two years I have been consumed with single two-tie (summer and winter). And I really love to go outside the box.... so my submission is Double Huck with Three Tabbies on a summer and winter threading.

This is just a four shaft draft.

If you are a member of Complex Weavers, you can borrow our study group notebooks to see my stuff and other very exciting stuff. As a matter of fact, their web sight is a place you could spend several days checking out!

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