Friday, May 2, 2014

Book Review Part Four

These next two book are in my personal library. I learned about the first one "Overshot, a manual for creative drafting and weaving" from Vicki Tardy at a Midwest Weavers Conference a few years ago. At that time in my weaving voyage I was immersed in all things overshot. I love traditional overshot, but found that "creative overshot" was a way to enjoy this great weave structure and yet step out side the box and create unexpected designs. I hold Vicki as one of my teachers who unlocked my "what if, how come, let me try this" thinking.

"Pattern Techniques For Handweavers" for me is more of a quick reference book. It has basic information for beginning weavers but also Drawloom techniques for those with more complex looms. It is very nicely put together. Just a few of the techniques discussed are: Extended summer and winter, uneven tied overshot, three-tie weaves, supplementary-warp pattern or turned Opphamta. Some will find it to be to in-depth, while others will think it doesn't go into enough depth. I think it would be a good reference book for middle of the road weavers. You may not be into uneven tied overshot now, but who know what you may want to explore in the years ahead.

I hope you have enjoyed my book reviews. Maybe you have a favorite book (or books) that speak to you too!


Rachel Berry said...

Loved all the book reviews! I'm hoping to get the Rag Rug book soon and I have a couple of books by Malin Selander that I constantly look at for inspiration. One of my favourite books, however, for looking at is "Of Coverlets: the legacies, the weavers" by Sadie Tune Wilson and Doris Finch Kennedy. It is full of wonderful photos of historic coverlets and wonderful pieces about the weavers who made them. But be warned this book is large! You will need a table to rest it on, not for reading in bed!

Ann said...

The book 'Of Coverlets' is very hard to find. I have a friend who has a copy and he will let you look at it if he sits at your elbow. Ha-ha.

I think you will like the 'Weaving Rag Rugs'. It is eye candy for any weaver - even if you don't weave rag rugs.