Friday, January 31, 2014

Sunrise Wrap

I saw this wonderful sunrise and wondered if I could find a color pallet from among my yarns.
I like how this looks, but then I wonder what color for the weft. I like doing these color wraps, but never know how - in my head - to transfer it to a woven item. I can see this in plain weave or honeycomb. Texture-Texture. The soft pink is some of my very first hand spun silk. Now you know why I weave instead of spinning.


Helen Hart said...

Um beautiful wrapping. Calls for maybe trying several different wefts--black, or like the pale pink. Let us know what you decide.
Helen in snowy Cheyenne, WY

Anonymous said...

I have seen far worse first hand spun... and silk is not the easiest fiber to spin, I think? Hmm... but I like the idea of picture-inspired color choosing!

In your wrap I´m kind of missing a pale yellow... and a more warm pink, maybe? If you are trying to get the fading-into-each-other of the colors...

When you decide what color you use as weft (or warp, your yarns could be weft, too...), do you choose your weaving pattern first, or does that not factor into the equation? (I hope, this ist the right expression! ;p )

Have a wonderful weekend!


Ann said...

Yes, I needed to have pulled in some yellow. When I do one of these color wraps, I know that the weave structure will have to be plain weave . If I use a structure with lots of intersections, it will be lost in the colors and textures of the threads. The textile will still look complex!