Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year, New Day, New Color

I was wondering what the new year will bring. I am excited that I will have two articles in the February 2014 Complex Weaver Journal. It's always an honor to be allowed to share some of my weaving ideas and experiments. If not a member, you might check them out.

I am excited that a Jason Collingwood workshop is coming in June. An opportunity to learn a new technique, and visiting with fellow weavers is always grand.

Today I tried to group my yarns in some kind of order. May work, may not.... but this is what I "gots" ! This is just my cotton yarns.! My bamboo, linen,  and silks are on another shelf. Should we see how long it all stays neat and tidy? ( I think not. After all - I am weaving for fun.)

Red and Pink


Yellow and Orange



Brown and Black

lots and lots of white

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