Monday, March 25, 2013

Setting Up New Loom

Working on getting the heddles on the new loom. I will need to give it a name. Any ideas? Maybe I will just call it "Baby" since that is what called it ;-) "A lovely baby"!

I have the loom on it's side. They seem to be going on pretty easily. I just wish I had thought to have ordered more heddles. But I did remember to put a few more on shafts one and two as I really like to do single two tie (summer and winter). Once I get the heddles on, I should be 'good to go'.


Connie Peterson said...

Wow!! Twelve!!!!! Holy patterns, Batman! How wide is it? I'm guessing about 15". I think "Baby" is a great name, even if she has that many harnesses. Can't wait to see something done on her!

Anonymous said...

Twelve harnesses, just got to love that! How many heddles did you put on each harness?

Baby is a lovely name, glad I could "help" you name your newest loom.

- Martha

Ann said...

Yes, thanks for naming Baby!! The name was just right.

I am setting up Baby with 50 heddles on shafts one and two and 40 each on the rest. And yes, it's a 15 inch weaving width.

I like the Holy Patterns, Batman comment! I have some 12 shaft bookmarks drafts that I have been wanting to test out! Wish me luck.